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Dizziness happens frequently after a concussion. You may find that the dizziness goes away quickly, but in some cases it may continue to cause a problem. You may notice dizziness that increases with reading, watching TV, or using your computer. Sometimes dizziness will also get worse when you exercise, or even when simply standing up from a chair or your bed. Looking up from your desk to the teacher is a common trigger for dizziness in school. Grocery shopping and walking in crowds can make you feel worse, and when you are out running errands you might feel like you want to go home and rest.

Why am I Dizzy after a Concussion?

This can happen for a number of reasons. First, your head injury may have caused a miscommunication between the brain, inner ears and eyes which can increase dizziness. You may have had an injury to your neck which could be contributing. Balance problems and difficulty tolerating aerobic exercise can also contribute to increased dizziness after a concussion. There are conditions like Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which increase dizziness and can occur as a result of a concussion. See our blog post https://equinoxphysicaltherapy.com/2015/10/can-people-have-bppv-in-both-ears/ to learn more about this type of problem.

If Dizziness Persists after a Concussion

If dizziness persists after a concussion, it is a good idea to let your primary medical doctor know. You may also need to learn how to pace yourself during your day, so that you can allow your brain to heal while gradually returning back to normal life. If dizziness does not go away soon after the concussion, vestibular therapy can help. You will learn exercises to retrain the inner ears, eyes, body, and brain in order to decrease dizziness and get back to usual activities with success. Check out this article about concussion by the Vestibular Disorders Association to learn more: https://vestibular.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Concussion_19.pdf

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