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Concussions can be difficult to recover from. However, at Equinox Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating people who have had a concussion. Check out these 5 facts about concussions to learn more!

List of 5 Facts about Concussions

  1. 40% of all concussions are due to sports injuries. Motor vehicle accidents and falls are also common causes.
  2. Concussions don’t always occur from a hit to the head. Concussion can occur after rapid head motions alone, such as in a whiplash injury.
  3. Less than 10% of concussions result in loss of consciousness.
  4. Headache and Dizziness are the most common concussion symptoms. These symptoms usually resolve in a few days to a few weeks. However, 30% of people have symptoms that do not resolve quickly.
  5. Concussion symptoms respond well to physical therapy treatments. Research studies show physical therapy can help to improve concussion symptoms!

In conclusion, symptoms of concussion usually go away on their own within just a few days or weeks. If you are having symptoms that are continuing past this time, physical therapy treatments could help you recover.

More Resources about Concussions

Vestibular therapy exercises that we use after a concussion: https://equinoxphysicaltherapy.com/2016/05/vor-exercises-for-dizziness-and-balance-problems

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