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What is your balance awareness week story?

Great News! Balance Awareness Week Starts today!

Great News! Balance Awareness Week Starts Today! How is your balance awareness? Do you or someone you love have a balance problem?  Balance problems can be caused by many reasons.  Balance problems are a symptom, but not a cause.  At Equinox Physical Therapy in Sarasota, Florida we evaluate all the potential causes of balance problems in order to drill down to the root of the problem for each individual. 

What causes a balance problem?

What causes a balance problem? Some people have only one cause for their imbalance. Others have several factors that are contributing to their balance problem. I will give you a couple of examples…  Sally, a healthy 44-year-old mother of two had an inner ear infection that caused sudden onset of nausea, vomiting, spinning vertigo, and difficulty walking.  Prior to this problem she was a healthy individual.  Her physical therapy program required inner ear exercises, standing balance exercises, and walking exercises in order to make a complete recovery.    Tom, a retired 88-year-old retiree had a gradual onset of his balance problem over the last 2 years. His problem worsened over the last 6 months resulting in several falls.  Tom has muscle weakness in his legs. He also has decreased sensation in his feet due to neuropathy from his diabetes. During his evaluation, we also found that he has BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  To restore Tom’s balance, he first needed treatments for his BPPV. Once the vertigo was treated, he needed leg strengthening exercises, standing balance exercises, and walking exercises to restore his equilibrium.  

Balance problems are unique to each person.

Because each person is different, what causes a balance problem is unique for each person. Careful evaluation of ALL the factors that cause a balance problem is the first step toward recovery. This allows proper treatment in order to diminish or eliminate a balance problem. To read more about Balance Therapy, tap this link:  https://equinoxphysicaltherapy.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=45&action=edit

What is your story?  What is the cause of your balance problem? 

We hope Balance Awareness Week 2020 encourages you that you are not alone, and there is help out there to assist in treating YOUR balance problem! Please feel free to visit the VESTIBULAR DISORDERS ASSOCIATION to find out more information about Balance Awareness Week at this link:   https://vestibular.org/ Education is the first step in developing balance awareness and helping people to find treatments for their balance problems in order to live a happy and healthy life!