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The following is a list of my top 5 home projects to help prevent falls. While staying home more often due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been jumping from project to project around my house. Things I had been putting off for months are now getting completed and it is very satisfying! What a great time this could be to complete some home projects to improve safety, and prevent falls for you and your loved ones around your home. 

List of Top 5 Home Projects to Help Prevent Falls

Here are some ideas for home projects to help prevent falls: 

  1. Remove Tripping Hazards. Have you ever tripped over the edge of a rug while distracted or in a hurry? Look for throw rugs in your house. Even the tiniest edge of a throw rug could trip you up, especially if you are in a hurry or distracted. It is a good idea to eliminate all throw rugs in your home. If you have bathroom mats consider hanging them on the edge of the tub when not in use. 
  2. Use Night Lights. Have you ever lost your balance while walking to the bathroom at night? This can happen just because you are in a hurry, but poor lighting can also be a culprit. Your eyesight is one of the primary systems your body uses for balance, so having a well lit environment is very important to prevent falls. Order night lights to make sure the path to the bathroom is always well lit no matter what. 
  3. Install Grab Bars. Have you ever lost your balance when getting up from the toilet or out of the shower? Install grab bars in your bathroom. There are a few different options. Some grab bars require a drill, but others connect to the wall with adhesive making it easier to install yourself. 
  4. Purchase a Garden Kneeler. Have you ever been working in the garden, or cleaning the floor, and then realize there isn’t anything nearby to hold onto to help you get back up? Consider purchasing a garden kneeler. They are lightweight, and you can comfortably kneel or sit. When you are ready to get up it has two strong handles you can lean on making it much easier!
  5. Replace old Footwear. Have you ever tripped over your favorite slippers or flip flops? Go through all your footwear and get rid of anything that doesn’t have a back or adjustable strap at the heel. Footwear should stay secure and snug to your heel so you aren’t always wondering where the shoe will land when you walk. Finding a comfortable replacement for the footwear you love will be easier than you think.

More Resources for Fall Prevention

If you would like to learn more about why it is so important to prevent falls and how to prevent them, here are some resources for you to check out: 

*Scrubwoman, oil painting on canvas by John French Sloan, 1910-1911