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Staying active while sheltering in place during COVID-19 can be a challenge. For many of our patients at Equinox Physical Therapy in Sarasota, Florida everything has changed. Grocery shopping, exercising, playing golf, socializing, and eating at restaurants has been replaced with watching TV, reading, and sitting using computers and ipads to connect with family and friends. Before you know it, the day has slipped by without much activity at all. 

Top 5 Tips For Staying Active during COVID-19

Here are some tips for staying active while sheltering in place during COVID-19:

  1. Try not to sit for more than thirty minutes at a time. Just changing positions and walking around the house is a great way to keep moving throughout the day.  
  2. Take daily walks. If you don’t have a good place to walk outside, you can set a timer and take laps around your house. Even a five minute walk will be beneficial. Aim for two walks a day, starting with five to ten minutes and gradually increasing the duration of your walks each week. 
  3. Do your home exercises that your physical therapist issued to you before the outbreak.  Staying in a normal exercise routine will help add structure to your day and benefit not only your body, but your mental health as well!
  4. Learn new inner ear exercises to add to your exercise routine while sheltering in place. https://equinoxphysicaltherapy.com/2016/05/vor-exercises-for-dizziness-and-balance-problems/ https://equinoxphysicaltherapy.com/2018/04/what-are-balance-exercises/
  5. Try these seated leg exercises to keep in shape:
    • Straighten your knee lifting your heel off the ground. Repeat 10 times each leg. 
    • Raise your toes up and down while keeping your heels on the ground. Repeat 10 times.
    • March in place, bringing each knee up towards your chest. Alternate your legs. Repeat 10 times.

Sarasota, Florida COVID-19 Resources

Information is key to staying healthy during this coronavirus outbreak.  One of the best sources of information in Sarasota is from the Department of Health. http://sarasota.floridahealth.gov

If you feel that you need more specific instruction on ways to stay active while sheltering in place, please feel free to contact us at Equinox Physical Therapy.  Our office is open and ready to help, including in person examination if necessary.

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